ProOne Appoints ‘OPS Oilfield Equipment & Services Ltd.’ as Thailand Distributor

COSTA MESA, California November 1, 2018 – ProOne, Inc. announced the appointment of ‘OPS Oilfield Equipment & Services Ltd.’ (OPS-OES) as its distributor for Thailand.

OPS-OES is a leading service company providing high-quality products and services to the oil, gas and energy sector in Thailand. In addition to providing a wide range of inspection, testing and manpower services, OPS-OES supplies a wide range of equipment and chemical products for drilling, completion and cementing for both onshore and offshore drilling rigs and platforms. Read more

ProOne Appoints Midis Energy Services Limited as Exclusive Distributor for Nigeria

COSTA MESA, California August 26, 2019 – , Inc. today announced the appointment of Midis Energy Services Limited as its exclusive distributor for Nigeria.

Midis Energy Services is a world-class oil and gas services company based in Nigeria, focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the present-day challenges of the oil and gas industry and other industrial markets in Nigeria.  Established in 2005, Midis is a pre-eminent products and services supplier to the largest global oil companies operating in Nigeria today. Read more

ProOne Selected to Present at Colorado Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge

Costa Mesa, California, August 17, 2017 ProOne has been selected by the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) to present at the 4th annual Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge. The 10 finalists were selected from an international pool of applicants to present at the Challenge in Denver, September 7, 2017.

The presentation will focus on ProOne’s revolutionary earth-friendly, plant-based XPL+ technology as an anti-friction metal treatment that increases rig efficiency by reducing torque and drag when drilling wells. The most significant environmental impact of ProOne’s biodegradable technology is that it allows operators to use more environmentally friendly water-based muds instead of oil-based muds.

ProOne will also introduce ProFlow Production Fluid technology, a groundbreaking new application in the oil & gas industry which ProOne has developed, successfully field tested, and filed a patent for. ProFlow is a lubricant to treat Artificial Lift Systems (ALS) to address the problems of inefficient production, high energy consumption, costly maintenance, and untimely wear and failure.

CCIA hosts the Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge in partnership with recognized oil and natural gas industry leaders Noble Energy and ConocoPhillips. In addition to industry partners, the 2017 Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge is supported by Wells Fargo Foundation, Consulate General of Canada in Denver, Colorado Energy Office, Altira and Rocky Mountain Institute.

About ProOne:
Based in Orange County, California and with offices in Houston, Texas, ProOne, Inc. has developed XPL+, a lubrication technology that can be demonstrated to have over 50 times greater film strength than conventional lubricants. The product line has been used in over 800 wells to reduce torque and drag by as much as 50% and increase rate of penetration in lateral wells, yet is plant-based, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. For additional information on ProOne visit

Contact: Lawrence Kahn, CEO Phone: (714) 327-0262 Email:

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ProOne Announces Agreement with American Well Technology Holdings, LLC to Market First-Ever Artificial Lift System Down Hole Lubricant

COSTA MESA, California July 25, 2017 – ProOne Inc, a leader in extreme film strength lubrication technology, announced that it has signed a Master Distributorship agreement with American Well Technology Holdings, LLC, a Texas-based company, to bring to market the world’s first Production Lubricant, with patent pending: ProFlow – A Production Flow Technology Lubricant.

ProOne and American Well Technology have been working collaboratively for two years developing, successfully field testing, and filing a patent for this groundbreaking new application in the oil & gas industry. By using a lubricant to treat Artificial Lift Systems (ALS) to address the problems of inefficient production, high maintenance costs and untimely wear and failure, the team has demonstrated that treatment with ProOne’s XPL+ bonding nano-tech lubricant increases productivity, reduces lifting costs, and results in fewer failures, less downtime, extended service intervals and equipment life cycles.

ProOne and American Well Technology have now formalized an agreement whereby AWT has been granted a license by ProOne to be the Master Distributor for ProOne’s production well products in North America, including the US, Canada and Mexico.

“We could not be happier to enter into the next phase of this extraordinary co-development project with AWT,” said Lawrence Kahn, CEO of ProOne. “AWT has not only pioneered this important application for our technology, but has also garnered significant interest from major oil companies and chemical distributors across the country.”

Scott Rettberg, AWT’s Managing Partner, added “With Artificial Lift Systems being the workhorses of the oil production industry, it is surprising that lubrication has been a critical but generally unaddressed problem, until now. We approached the ALS opportunity as a natural extension of ProOne’s XPL+ Xtreme Pressure Lubrication technology for drilling fluids, except that we had to apply it to a production well rather than a drilling rig.” Rettberg, who authored, tested and brought to market this disruptive oil field technology, is listed as the primary inventor on the patent, which ProOne has filed to protect this technology.

About ProOne:
Based in Orange County, California and with offices in Houston, Texas, ProOne, Inc. has developed lubrication technology that can be demonstrated to be over 50 times greater film strength than conventional lubricants. The product line has been used in over 800 wells to reduce torque and drag by as much as 50% and increase rate of penetration in lateral wells, yet is plant-based, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. For additional information on ProOne visit

About American Well Technology Holdings, LLC:
AWT, a Texas-based company, has invented, with a patent pending, a unique application for an innovative/disruptive product, aptly named ProFlow. Through extensive theoretical research in friction, torque and drag dynamics in Artificial Lift Systems, AWT introduced ProFlow as a specialized, positively charged bonded lubricant. This proprietary lubricant has quickly become the most significant, disruptive, and impactful innovation for improving performance and reducing operating costs for the oil and gas industry in decades. For more information please visit

Statements contained in this news release, aside from those identifying historical facts, are ‘forward looking statements’ within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Safe Harbor provisions as contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements relating to the Company’s future expectations, including but not limited to revenues and earnings, technology efficacy, strategies and plans, are subject to safe harbors protection. Actual company results and performance may be materially different from any future results, performance, strategies, plans, or achievements that may be expressed or implied by any such forward-looking statements. The Company disclaims any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements.

Contact: ProOne, Inc.: Lawrence Kahn, CEO Phone: (714) 327-0262 Email:
American Well Technologies: Scott Rettberg, Managing Partner Phone: (661) 444-6005 Email:

Oilman Magazine – Product Showcase: ProOne Downhole Drilling Fluid

With artificial lift systems (ALS) being the workhorses on the majority of wells, lubrication has been a critical but generally unaddressed problem. Now, inefficient production and untimely wear/failure are tackled with California-based ProOne Inc.’s solution: ProFlow Production Fluid Lubricant.

Driven by the success of the company’s XPL+ Xtreme Pressure Lubrication technology for drilling fluids, ProOne has now developed ProFlow, patent pending, for production wells. ProOne’s XPL+ technology has a polarized strong ionic charge so that it bonds to the metal surfaces of rod, tubing and pump components, creating primary behavior changes in ALS systems including a reduction in friction and drag in rod pumps, and torque in PCP and ESP applications.

As a result of these primary changes in behavior, the use of ProFlow leads to reduced flowline pressures, lower energy consumption, less rod load, and a reduction in pressure at contact points between collars, rods, and tubing, which increases pump efficiency, fluid displacement, and increases laminar flow. In many cases, this leads to increased speeds in pumps with VSD’s, and in wells that don’t pump off, quicker times to pump off occur.

Because ProOne’s thin film nano-technology bonds to metal parts, it continually adds lubricity to the entire system, working with the production fluid which by itself provides virtually no lubrication at all. The bonding technology also inhibits rust and corrosion from building up on tubing, pipes, rods, plungers, and pumps while adding life to rod pumps, PC pumps, and ESP pumps by continually lubricating the pump and encapsulating sand and other debris.

In testing conducted by a major oil company in Bakersfield, California in a PC application, torque and power consumption were smoothed out with daily peak torque average reduced from 620 to 535, and power average from 20.78 to 17.93 kW. In a West Texas rod lift pump with significant barrel wear, application of ProFlow resulted in an increase in pump efficiency from 60% to 99%, and the well pumped off sooner from 22 hours to 19.7 hours.

In other rod pump tests, the company has consistently demonstrated reduced friction between rod and tubing, which frequently occurs in deviated wells. In PCPs where high surface drive torque or amperage are limiting production speeds, ProFlow reduced torque and energy consumption to allow for a significant increase in RPM, and thus production volume.

With friction, a major factor in both drilling and production, ProOne has innovated groundbreaking solutions in both sectors.

Journal of Petroleum & Technology – Artificial-Lift Downhole-Treatment System

Artificial-lift systems (ALSs) have increasingly needed a lubrication solution to improve profitability on failing or under-performing wells, solving the problems of inefficient production or untimely wear and tear. ProOne introduced a cost-effective downhole treatment for the complete ALS system. ProFlow production fluid incorporates the company’s XPL+ lubrication technology with positively charged molecular properties to bond to all metal downhole components, reducing friction, torque, and drag by as much as 80% (Fig. 5).

With significantly lower friction in the system, operators experience higher production volumes, lower lifting costs, and extended maintenance cycles. For progressing-cavity pumps, the major benefits include higher production speeds, increased revolutions per minute, reduced electrical load on the system, and additional net oil per day; for rod pumps, the benefits include less torque and friction, extended lifespan of moving parts, and less well servicing. Field ProFlow has consistently reduced failures and increased efficiency in all types of ALS pumps, especially those with highly deviated deep-well systems.

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Upstream Pumping – Drilling Mud Additive Combination Boosts Efficiency

Article – Drilling Mud Additive Boosts Efficiency

Even at lower concentrations, this mud conditioner can save operators money.
by Lawrence Kahn

Without the visual impact of a drilling rig structure and related equipment, mud pits seem to be a more benign aspect of “making hole.” Yet, with the cost of drilling mud as high as 10 percent of total drilling expense, the fluid had better do its job well. Ensuring optimal performance has even prompted operators to assign separate day and night mud engineers.

Since mud is that important, what about additives? Drill fluid additives play a unique role, from helping overcome multiple drilling challenges to ideally maximize downhole drilling efficiency and saving operators time and money. In this environment, one company introduced an additive to help deal with laterals, verticals and curves.
R&D Innovation

Despite mud’s ordinary appearance, its job is quite challenging. It has to remove cuttings, minimize corrosion, lubricate and support both the drilling assembly and the bit, and control formation pressures. Additives are just as integral as the mud itself. They can reduce fluid loss, provide surfactants, and weight compounds and dispersants, to name a few. Yet what makes the critical difference between additives is exceptional high pressure lubricity which provides an array of advantages.

Several years ago it became clear that drill fluid additive capabilities had not been pushed high enough. Working with a general concept about re-inventing additives, one company developed an extreme pressure (EP) drill fluid conditioner that technologically connects the advanced lubrication of another additive with a powder having asphalt benefits.

The company wanted to combine a mud conditioner that stabilizes shale formations with a powerful friction-reducing element, packaged as powder for easy dispersal in either water-based or oil-based mud. Once developed, the company saw that this combination provided the best of both worlds in not only lubricity but also related advantages that make drilling better, more efficient and more cost-effective. Drill site advantages include: exceptional high temperature fluid loss control; greatly reduced torque and drag, along with reducing bit balling/wear and differential sticking; much improved shale inhibition and stabilization; drill string corrosion considerably reduced; increased seepage and lost circulation material (LCM) control; and a thin, tough and slick drill cake.

In the Field
Typically, when R&D moves out of the lab into production and distribution, drilling engineers may not readily accept a new mud additive and want test results substantiating product statements. Two types of testing have delivered some eye-opening numbers for this new additive. When a group of major oil companies expressed an interest in the additive but wanted more than sales literature, competitive lubricants went head-to-head and thenew conditioner not only outperformed all the competitors but at a 1.5 percent concentration against their 7.5 percent. Validation was also requested about coefficient of friction reduction. The new conditioner produced results that were three times lower, again at a lower concentration. In other words, operators get more power while spending less on the product.

In the field, mud engineers continue saying that this additive “has turned ordinary muds into super muds.” On a representative well in Texas, the additive benefits resulted in a net savings of more than $20,000. According to the operator, this additive accomplished everything from a performance perspective that typically required a sulfonated asphalt and it reduced torque in doing so. Taking that “replacement” factor further, being multi-purpose allows operators to either reduce or eliminate not only sulfonated asphalt but also wall cake enhancers, wetting agents, other high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) fluid loss control additives, as well as gilsonite and lubricants by employing this conditioner for downhole drilling.

Additionally, the additive is eco-friendly and in offshore usage is completely non-toxic to marine life, as determined by very strict international testing and standards. Above all, however, is the field-proven ability to dramatically improve the efficiency of drilling fluid systems. In the oil industry’s technological evolution, this is why more and more operators are revising their thinking from “A mud is a mud” and specifying this next-gen 2-in-1 drill fluid conditioner.

ProOne’s 2 in 1 Drill Conditioner Diamond Dust Featured in Oil & Gas Product News

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Drill Fluid Conditioner Improves Performance in Field Tests

ProOne’s Diamond Dust has shown potential for reducing costs and improving efficiency for drilling operators.

February 8, 2017

Changes in oil and gas field operations sometimes come so quickly they seem to occur overnight. ProOne, Inc. saw real limitations with existing downhole lubrication and developed what the company feels is a game-changing product.

Eight years ago the company’s R&D scientists’ solution effectively became the next evolution in lubrication technology through their proprietary XPL+ technology, which greatly reduces friction even under the most extreme downhole conditions. With fifty times the film strength of conventional lubricants, the attributes were quickly evident at drill sites including: 70% friction reduction, improved ROP, up to 50% reduction in torque and drag, less corrosion and wear, to name only a few.

And it solves more than a dozen major drilling challenges, from eliminating excessive trips to freeing stuck pipe to extending drill bit life. All of this saves up to $1 million on each drilling operation. ProOne’s technology has been successfully used in over 800 wells.

So, what could be better? The answer is Diamond Dust 2-in-1 drill fluid conditioner, co-developed by an industry veteran who formerly headed R&D at a major oil company.

Steeped in improving efficiency of drilling fluid systems, this industry expert recognized the potential of combining his exclusive asphalt formulations with ProOne’s XPL+ technology. From that R&D emerged Diamond Dust 2-in-1 drill fluid conditioner. In addition to being an outstanding asphalt-based product for shale inhibition and stabilization and fluid loss control, this easily dispersible powder also contains ProOne’s powerful friction reducer technology.

Mud engineers are familiar with the old saying that “A lube is a lube is a lube… all additives are the same so why look for anything new?” While a catchy quote, savvy engineers actually know better, based on field tests and proven results with additives such as XPL+. In head-to-head laboratory tests conducted against competitive lubricants at the request of major oil companies, it was shown that ProOne’s product at only 1.5% outperformed competitive products at 7.5%.

Not only did this innovative technology turn ordinary muds into super muds, it attained better results against competitors in coefficient of friction reduction at a lower concentration – three times lower which translates into more power for less product. Now, more and more companies are discovering that this new oilpatch product has just the qualities that improve their drilling operations, through the combination of an EP (Extreme Pressure) lubricant for horizontal laterals with ProOne’s XPL+ technology.

Dispersible in either water-based or oil-based muds, the advantages quickly add up. They include exceptional HP lubricity that reduces torque and drag, differential sticking, bit balling and bit wear; enhances shale inhibition and stabilization; superior high temperature fluid loss control; enables a thin, tough and slick filter cake; improves cleaning of drill cuttings; reduces corrosion on drill strings; ideal for seepage and LCM control; and it is environmentally friendly. The latter eco-quality has been important to ProOne from the outset, with the company ensuring that its downhole drilling fluid treatment is both readily and ultimately biodegradable as defined by stringent international standards. Additionally, relative to offshore operations the product is non-toxic to aquatic life.

For on-site usage, only a conventional mud hopper system is necessary, with 4-6 pounds (from 40 lb package) added per barrel of drilling fluid over 4-5 circulations for initial “mud-up.” Upon application, the key benefits are to verticals, curves and laterals, with either oil-based or water-based muds. As with any product destined for field usage, the actual application is the real barometer of effectiveness versus expectations. To meet maintenance requirements, 1-2 pound per barrel daily additions of this dark brown to black powder are suggested.

The multi-purpose combination product effectively allows the operator to replace or reduce sulfonated asphalt, gilsonite, wetting agents, other HPHT Fluid Loss Control additives and wall cake enhancers and, of course, lubricants.

In a recent field test in Texas, the operator was astounded to find that Diamond Dust performed all the functions of what they had normally used a sulfonated asphalt to handle and it reduced torque by 15-percent even though they were using oil-based mud.

Case Study

The product has been well-received by engineers and operators who recognize that Diamond Dust is a 2-in-1 product that is different from anything they have previously seen. A mud engineer employed by a company that provides drilling fluids, specialty additives and engineering services in the Gulf Coast and Permian Basin was working on a rig for one of the world’s largest oil and gas drilling contractors for a privately held Texas-headquartered company which focuses on using advanced technologies.

During an afternoon, the engineer immediately walked through what he considered groundbreaking benefits of Diamond Dust based on the following: Well – OBM, 4,500 feet lateral; 16,500 feet TD; 9 days in OBM in lateral; PDC bit; 1,800 bbl active mud. Based on the engineer’s calculations, use of the Diamond Dust saved the operator more than $20,000.

Huffington Post – ProOne’s ProFlow is the paradigm shift that ends this insufficient cycle in well production.

Always keeping my ear to the ground, I recently caught wind of a supposed breakthrough technology within the oil and gas sector. After sixty years of literally no innovation related to increased oil production, the name Scott Rettberg came to life—so I took a further look. Touted as disruptive, which always gets my attention, I soon found my way to Rettberg, who is the Founder and inventor of ProFlow, a unique and highly effective production stimulant for the oil and gas industryAt first impression, Rettberg comes across as a larger than life. His peers describe him as a cross between Wyatt Earp and Tony Stark, Rettberg’s arrogance supplants confidence like a brick through a windshield, but perhaps his bravado has been earned like all the great innovators of our time. My first question to Rettberg was, “What makes this technology disruptive?” His answer, “You’re looking at it,” poised in his cowboy boots, diamond watch, and a mouth full of tobacco.

But don’t let Rettberg’s, old west, good ol’ boy descriptor fool you. Rettberg holds his own, and then some, when it comes to pitching his wares. Rettberg’s self-taught sector expertise is turning heads while challenging the most skeptical production engineers from the most powerful oil companies in the world. He claims never to have walked away from an engineering team that wasn’t eager to prove him wrong; it all begins with contempt initially, and then the engineers’ eyes glaze over. The data is indisputable. I asked Rettberg what his close ratio is. True to form, he retorts: “There is no ratio at 100%.”

Hans Franke, who began his corporate career as a laboratory scientist in chemistry at Chevron Chemical Company, following on to become a corporate executive as President Director General (PDG) of Chevron Chemical SAF, headquartered in France, comments that:

Scott Rettberg is a brilliant innovator. He has found a way to break through the Chinese wall in our industry and demonstrates that he not only understands the inefficiencies (of the industry) but has a solution that is simply something I have never seen or believed possible in twenty-five years.

Rettberg is no stranger to inspiration, who has long been associated with the development and innovation of many technologies, along with renewable resource-based business models. An expert in mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, tuck-ins and rollouts, Rettberg seeks to successfully integrate synergistic and complimentary technologies while including inventions to revolutionize industries.

But Let’s Put Some Perspective Behind All This Hoopla

Most oil well production is based upon methodology developed in the early 1900s, and little has changed since then. Technological advances have made improvements, but the basic pump jacks we see scattered throughout small towns in America have the same characteristics—an arm moving up and down, pulling oil out of the various substrates below via metal sections of rod, traveling inside thousands of feet of steel tubing that lines the well bore.

There has never been an economical way to lubricate this metal-on-metal grinding. The oil industry hasn’t looked upon this grinding as a “problem,” per se, but more as something the industry has to deal with. For instance, when the tires wear out on a car, the tires are replaced, so when a rod wears out the tubing, or a rod breaks, the industry just shuts down the well, loses days of production, and repairs it—over, and over, and over, again, at the cost of thousands and thousands of dollars, per occurrence. ProFlow is the paradigm shift that ends this insufficient cycle.

Rettberg goes on to explain:

No one can predict whether a product is effective unless it has proven its worth in real-life circumstances. AWT (American Well Technology, LLC.) has taken the steps needed to validate ProFlow’s effectiveness and the potential for cost savings by working with the largest oil companies in the industry.

These oil producers have tested and assessed ProFlow independently, on their own wells, without AWT’s influence, and have found the product to be highly effective, to say the least. CRC (Occidental Petroleum) in California had two problem wells that showed, after the first day of testing, an immediate increase of over 160 barrels of oil per day respectively—amazing results by anyone’s standards.

This industry relies heavily on the production of raw crude oil, which is a scarce material due to inefficient extraction techniques and limited supply. The lack of sufficient crude oil drives the cost of production higher, which has a direct impact on the cost of oil and gas in the economic market. There is ample room in this sector for improvement, but there hasn’t been significant innovation for many decades, until now. Big oil is ripe for a revolution, and Rettberg has the Jesus Juice—meaning, Rettberg’s solution fixes the problem of massive production obstacles, which are caused by antiquated methods of extraction that create exorbitant maintenance costs.

Partnering with ProOne

ProFlow was born when Rettberg and his partner, Tim Volk, began working with ProOne, Inc., a company that had developed a highly effective polarized drilling lubricant, which reduces friction, torque, and drag in drilling operations. All Volk simply had to do was point Rettberg in the right direction (toward the production side of the industry) and let Rettberg loose. Volk recounts the day Rettberg had his “ah-ha” moment. Rettberg realized that a well hole is drilled once, but that well can run for years; needless to say, there is a huge consumable play waiting to be exploited here.

Rettberg and Volk provided input to ProOne, which developed and tested the various formulas in their lab and reengineered the technology to work in oil wells. As the modified formula for ProFlow materialized, Rettberg realized that a strong IP protection was his first line of defense and quickly began the process of writing and filing a provisional utility patent. Subsequently, Rettberg and Volk took to the oil fields of Bakersfield, CA, for comprehensive field testing. They then formed American Well Technologies LLC. (AWT), and negotiated a long-term deal with ProOne. AWT has now presented to over 250 engineers, production foreman, and the management of forty-five mid to major oil producers from Texas to North Dakota. After fighting through the disbelief attributed to AWT’s test results, getting past the we-already-know-all-there-is-to-know mentalities that are barriers to any new technology, ProFlow is an unstoppable freight train as major oil producers are now confirming, and validating, AWT’s test results for themselves on their own oil wells. Soon thereafter, they are sold.

Green is Good

Almost as unbelievable as ProFlow itself, ProFlow goes even one step further by being completely earth friendly. It is biodegradable, contains no sulfides or chlorides, and is safe to handle. The California EPA has blessed ProFlow, an almost impossible distinction to achieve, and has approved it for use offshore.

Catch Him if You Can

Rettberg has already met with many major oil producers to validate the effectiveness of ProFlow and its application. Companies such as CRC, AERA Energy, Chevron, Occidental Petroleum, Exxon subsidiary XTO, Marathon Oil, Anadarko, Energen, E&B Resources, QEP, Linn Energy, Hunt Oil, Continental Resources, EOG, Permian Resources, Sampson, and many others, are in various stages of testing and implementation with their oil producing fields in West Texas, North Dakota, and Bakersfield, CA. In the future, AWT aims to expand into all the North American oil producing zones by partnering with exclusive territory licensees. In the meantime, Rettberg is fast selling out territories by positioning his company to be a major disruptive force within the industry, already taking available space by storm. At the same time, Rettberg is creating applications for ProFlow in other areas of the oil and gas sector.

To sum it all up, Rettberg is vivacious, ebullient, and a sharp individual. Rettberg and ProFlow appear to be quite a tour de force. Poised for ultimate disruption, ProFlow is an exciting and promising applied technology. AWT’s business model is big money with 1.7 million active wells just waiting to be treated in the United States alone. And best of all, AWT is one of zero negative cash flow; it’s renewable, and requires little to no operating complexity.

A Gracious Kickoff

Rettberg is hosting, in his inimitable style, an all-out extravaganza at the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, California, on November 17th, for the who’s who of the energy and gas market. This roughneck soiree will include great live music from Monty Byrom of Big House, delicious food, an open bar, and prizes, including some gifted handguns.

Rettberg looks forward to thanking everyone that gave him a safe place to run trials for ProFlow, thus allowing him to lay the groundwork for his vision. Rettberg tells me, “Anyone who is anyone will be there.” He was gracious enough to extend me an invitation.

Rettberg and AWT are finishing up its Series A Offering at a $75M post-money valuation, led by his oldest and most trusted friend, who he refers to only as Adam. I wanted to know more, but Rettberg cryptically grinned and curtly replied, “You’ve got enough disruption here, let’s stick with this.”

ProOne Attends the 2016 Permian Basin International Oil Show

On October 18-20th 2016, ProOne attended The Permian Basin International Oil Show. This is the place to be to stay on top of the latest product developments, services and technologies. Maximizing the ROI is more important than ever to keep our industry vital and vibrant.

The focus has always been on the mechanics, and more recently, software. However, over the past century there is one tool that has received very little faith in the industry. Once thought not powerful enough to make any considerable contribution and be cost effective in savings …drilling fluids.

Over seventy percent of all energy that is delivered by a drilling rig and its surface and downhole equipment to a drill well is lost through friction. Torque, drag, hook load affect operational efficiencies, hindering performance from the drill bit, all the way up the drill string to the mechanical surface equipment, and we all know that if left unmitigated can bring the drilling process to a halt causing hundreds of thousands if not millions in cost.

ProOne has answered the call with a line of advanced drilling lubricants that turn any mud into a super mud. The real tests are in the field, and after 700 wells and a minimum of $300,000 in initial savings, ProOne is proving daily that this much power is no longer theoretical, and you can no longer say “lube is lube.

It’s the innovative cost-saving solution that was never thought possible. Lubrication Technology has finally caught up with the oil & gas drilling industry and is sowing seeds for the next boom. Operators now have the advantage of using what many call “the best secret in the world” in oil drilling.