Petroleum Africa Magazine – Revolutionary Drilling Mud Additive Produces Major Time and Cost Savings

PetroAfricaWeb-ExclusivePublished Feb2015

When operator after operator experiences drilling results they have never achieved or even thought possible, the reason is not a coincidence. It’s real and consistent, which is why ProOne’s downhole drilling lubricant technology, Xtreme Pressure Lubricant (XPL+), has rapidly become the mud additive of choice on more than 700 wells throughout North America.

The “secret sauce”? ProOne’s lubricant reduces the primary and most costly problem in an entire drilling operation – friction – by more than 70-percent. More African operators will soon be able to see first-hand how this lubricant solves both time and money issues on a significant scale as ProOne continues expanding internationally in 2015. Distributed exclusively in North America by the National Oilwell Varco spin-off, Distribution NOW, the product is available in all oil and gas producing regions of Africa.

Why Such Excitement?
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Energy Global Oilfield Technology – Friction? Let It Slide

Friction? Let it slide

Tim Wagner, ProOne, USA, introduces a new lubricant that addresses the major drilling challenge, friction, amongst other characteristics.

Horizontal and vertical drilling operations both face the same major drilling challenge: friction. Successful lubricant use can solve this problem, along with aiding the downhole operation. Operators seek out the solution to costly problems such as freeing stuck pipe or finishing a well without hole collapse, with a new lubricant product promising significant cost savings by eliminating excessive trips, and saving drill bits and mud motors. Read more

Harts E&P Magazine Talks ProOne Overcoming Friction

Mark Holland, ProOne Monday, February 2, 2015

While striving for operational efficiencies in downhole drilling is not new, virtually nobody would have speculated that technology would drive increased time/cost savings of up to $1 million or more per well directly from the common mud pit.

The technological innovation is not the rig or drillpipe. Instead, it is a lubricant, specifically a drilling mud additive that essentially breaks the rules for what lubricants can do. Not simply a fluid treatment for the mud to assist borehole drilling, XPL+ (Xtreme Pressure Lubricant) overcomes the major drilling nemesis—friction. Read more

Well Cost Reduction – ProOne Inc. responds with NITRO® Downhole Drilling Fluid Treatment

ProOne Inc., announces today the introduction of NITRO, the company’s newest downhole drilling fluid treatment formula designed to be the most cost-effective solution available on the market today.

The introduction of ProOne’s NITRO formula comes at a time when operators all over the country are looking to save every dollar they can. NITRO has all the power of ProOne, at a very competitive price. There is no product on the market that is anywhere close to being this cost-effective.

Like ProOne’s other downhole drilling mud fluid treatment formulas, NITRO is based on the company’s proprietary XPL+® lubrication technology which can be demonstrated to have a film strength that is 50 times more powerful than conventional lubricants. An independent laboratory Dynamic Lubricity test shows that NITRO used at only 1.5% or 3.0% reduces the metal-to-metal coefficient of friction significantly more than a major competitor’s product used at 6.0% or even 7.5%. ProOne Downhole Drilling Mud Fluid Treatment products have been successfully used in over 600 wells to reduce torque and drag by as much as 50% and significantly increase rate of penetration in the curve and long laterals of horizontal wells. Operators have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced drill time and replacement of drill bits and mud motors. Customers have reported the performance of ProOne Nitro resulting in a wells below the AFE. Read more

Roustabout Energy – ProOne Drilling Mud Additive an International Game Changer!


This downhole lubrication’s field-proven success is redefining how wide-ranging drilling challenges, which had no satisfactory solutions previously, are now being conquered. Designed to reduce the most extreme heat and friction, the lubricant’s film strength is 50 times that of conventional lubricants. Equally important, with a strong ionic (+) charge it bonds to metal under the most adverse downhole conditions and actually migrates toward (instead of away from) exceptionally high heat/pressure. Read more

ProOne Downhole Drilling Fluid Featured on Upstream Pumping Solution Magazine

Upstream & Pumping Article

By Mark Holland, ProOne, Inc.

This green technology saves operators money and resolves issues

Operators can appreciate how new technology has dramatically reduced the odds of drilling dry holes. However, with the actual costs of drilling each well remaining fairly constant on an inflation-adjusted basis, a new technology that significantly saves time and money greatly affects operators. One downhole drilling fluid treatment is changing the industry’s approach to lubricants from more than a functional mud additive to a solution for major drilling challenges. Read more

EPA Approves ProOne Downhole Drilling Treatment for Offshore Use

ProOne is pleased to announce that its Downhole Drilling Fluid Treatment was recently approved by the EPA for offshore use in California.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency Region IX has approved ProOne’s Bio-Stable Downhole Drilling Fluid Treatment for use in offshore oil & gas operations in federal waters off Southern California. Specifically, the product may be discharged when used with approved drilling muds at 0-3% by volume.

“This opens up an entirely new market opportunity for ProOne”, said Don Barnes, Executive Vice President of Sales. “The exceptional performance of the product has been proven in hundreds of on-shore wells in North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma and California. With the product being biodegradable and passing the LC-50 and other tests required by the EPA, we will now introduce this technology to the offshore drilling and production community.” The company also plans to work closely with onshore operators in Wyoming, New Mexico and elsewhere facing strict Bureau of Land Management compliance requirements for toxicity. Read more

SNNLive Talks with Dr. Rick Cardin from ProOne Inc. at the PortTech LA Expo 2014 in San Pedro, CA.

ProOne, Inc. – Developing Environmentally Friendly Advanced Lubrication Technology for Commercial and Industrial Markets

ProOne, Inc. has developed proprietary lubrication technology which reduces friction better than anything else on the market and has over 50 times the film strength of conventional lubricants. ProOne’s primary focus is on the commercial and industrial markets where its environmentally friendly line of products takes lubrication to the next level of performance. The principals involved with ProOne have decades of experience in the lubrication industry, developing and marketing patented state-of-the-art technology. Read more