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The Community of Madrid government’s University Information and Advice Centre also helps university students who wish to study at Madrid’s universities in their search for accommodation. For this purpose it has the “Virtual Housing” Service, a search engine where you can find all kinds of accommodation (rooms in shared flats, housing with a family, flat rental, etc) for the whole region.

This is the most popular and affordable type of accommodation. It consists of sharing a rented flat with other students. In addition to the rental price, you need to add on costs for water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc. In almost all cases you have to pay a deposit when you sign the rental contract, this being equivalent to the cost for one month in advance, which will not be refunded if you leave the flat before the contract ends or the flat suffers any kind of damage.

If you want to share a flat, you can register in the UCM’s housing exchange, take part in the UCM/SPA housing rental programme (an interesting offering of housing for rent through the Sociedad Publica de Alquiler (Public Rental Company)) or leave a message on the forum to get in touch with other UCM students who are also looking for accommodation.

La Universidad Complutense has extensive university accommodation of its own. Set in a privileged location, the UCM’s five public Halls of Residence ("Ximenez de Cisneros" Hall, Diego de Covarrubias Hall, Santa Maria de Europa Hall, Antonio de Nebrija Hall and Santa Teresa de Jesus Hall) offer around a thousand places for accommodation both of students who come to take university studies and residents during the summer period.

Heirs to the old Student Residence and Young Ladies’ Residence, they have a long tradition of promoting training of university students. Their extensive sporting options and the variety of their academic, cultural and social activities make up one of their main pillars. With cinema, concerts, sports, trips, dance, theatre, photography, etc, students with interest will find them to be appropriate places for developing their pastimes.

The Benito Perez Galdos Residence offers a limited number of special places in agreement with Madrid’s Halls of Residence. As such, as well as students, it offers the option of accommodation for teaching staff and researchers in the setting of the university community.

In addition to this accommodation belonging to the UCM, there are other Halls of Residence affiliated to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid located near to the different Campuses.

The Universidad Complutense de Madrid, through the Student House, collaborates in the development and implementation of the "Vive y Convive" Programme, a shared housing project with senior citizens that offers an accommodation alternative for young people not over 30 years of age (35 years of age for students taking Postgraduate, Master’s or Doctorate studies).

The student enjoys free accommodation and other services (kitchen, washing machine, etc) which the two parties define in the agreement document, while the senior citizen receives economic assistance for set costs, enjoys the student’s company and the duties agreed between them.

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