ProOne Introduces New Synthetic Grease

Costa Mesa, CA, July 22, 2009 – ProOne, Inc. announced that it has developed a fully synthetic, pumpable grease which offers extreme temperature performance and is also approved for Food Grade applications.ProOne’s new Synthetic EP-1 Grease was originally designed to meet the demanding conditions in Alaska where lubricants have to operate at extremely low temperatures. The product will perform extraordinarily well at temperatures as low as -65F and will also operate at high temperatures up to 650F. Using ProOne’s XPL+ technology, this new grease delivers outstanding protection, increased parts life and reduced downtime even in the harshest extreme pressure, temperature or corrosive environments.

Designed to offer extraordinary performance and at the same time be environmentally and human friendly, this new grease was recently Tested and Certified by NSF International to be acceptable for Food Grade applications. “The response to our new grease has been exceptional,” stated Elton Alderman, President of ProOne, Inc. “A number of our customers have already tested the product in food processing plants and reported back to us that they have finally found a food grade product that actually works! We have started rolling out this new product through ProOne’s existing distribution network and have high expectations for a successful launch.”

About ProOne:

Based in Orange County, California, ProOne, Inc. (ProOne), the operating division of ProOne Holdings, Inc., is in the business of developing and marketing high-performance, cost-effective, lubricants and fuel products for commercial, industrial and retail customers. The product family includes a new generation of advanced lubricants, greases, fuel additives, cutting oils, spray lubricants, hydraulic fluids and automotive cleaners. The products are proprietary formulations based upon metallurgical and molecular science that reduce friction substantially better than other products on the market, with over 50 times the film strength of conventional lubricants. For additional information on ProOne visit

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