EPA Approves ProOne Downhole Drilling Treatment for Offshore Use

ProOne is pleased to announce that its Downhole Drilling Fluid Treatment was recently approved by the EPA for offshore use in California.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency Region IX has approved ProOne’s Bio-Stable Downhole Drilling Fluid Treatment for use in offshore oil & gas operations in federal waters off Southern California. Specifically, the product may be discharged when used with approved drilling muds at 0-3% by volume.

“This opens up an entirely new market opportunity for ProOne”, said Don Barnes, Executive Vice President of Sales. “The exceptional performance of the product has been proven in hundreds of on-shore wells in North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma and California. With the product being biodegradable and passing the LC-50 and other tests required by the EPA, we will now introduce this technology to the offshore drilling and production community.” The company also plans to work closely with onshore operators in Wyoming, New Mexico and elsewhere facing strict Bureau of Land Management compliance requirements for toxicity.

About ProOne:
Based in Houston, Texas and Orange County, California, ProOne, Inc. (ProOne), the operating division of ProOne Holdings, Inc., is in the business of developing and marketing high-performance, cost-effective lubricants and fuel products for the oil and gas industry and commercial and industrial customers. ProOne has developed proprietary breakthrough lubrication technology with applications for oil drilling, manufacturing, mining and transportation. The product line includes biodegradable downhole drilling fluid treatments and lubricants, greases, cutting oils, spray lubricants, engine, transmission & hydraulic treatments, and fuel additives that have been tested and certified by leading testing laboratories and proven in the real world. For additional information on ProOne visit www.pro1energy.com

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