ProOne Published on JPT (Journal of Petroleum Technology)

Drilling-Mud Additive

ProOne’s biodegradable drilling-mud additive XPL+ has more than 50 times the film strength of conventional lubricants and bonds to metal even under extreme heat and pressure while reducing friction and wear, displacing moisture, and preventing corrosion (Fig. 1). Key applications include deviated wells, long horizontals, stuck pipe, high torque and drag, excessive trip outs, doglegs, and short drill-bit life. Typical savings range from USD 100,000 to 1,000,000 when minimizing twistoff risk, freeing stuck pipe, and helping avoid hole collapse, or increasing rate of penetration (ROP), saving trip outs, and reducing disposal costs. ProOne’s biostable fluid is attracted to heat and friction. Operators report improved ROP, easier steering and sliding, and overall extended performance of mud pumps, mud motors, and drill bits. Curves can now be drilled in 50% less time, and XPL+, when added to water-based mud, outperforms oil-based mud at one-third the cost. XPL+ may be added at any drilling stage, yet cost savings begin immediately from spud.

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