Quantum field theory and elementaryparticle…

Low-energy QCD, lattice gauge theory, phenomenology of unified gauge theories, cosmology/particle-physics interface, gravitation.

Particle-physics theory and phenomenology, astrophysics and cosmology, intermediate-energy physics, standard model and fundamental symmetries nonperturbative QCD and structure of hadrons, field theory, supersymmetry andKac-Moody algebras, string theories, quantum and classical mechanics.

e+e- (LEP-L3), pp (LHC-CMS)neutron cross sections (n_TOF), nuclear data (n_TOF, ISOLDE), basic and applied nuclear science, nuclear technologies, transmutation of nuclear waste.

Theory and phenomenology of GUTs and strings, quantum field theory, precision measurements of the standard model, supersymmetric models, Higgs physics, phase transitions.

HERA-ZEUS, 4-dimensional strings, black holes and quantum gravity, phenomenology of supersymmetric models, lattice gauge theory, neural networks, statistical mechanics, chiral effective Lagrangians and applications to the standard model.

Quantum field theory at finite temperature, quantum fields on the lattice, strings and superstrings, particle phenomenology.

Theoretical Particle Physics, Astrophysics.Neutrino Physics. Dark Matter. Cosmology/particle-physics interface, gravitation..

Theory and phenomenology of gauge interactions, phenomenology of nuclear collisions, new unified theories, strings, superstrings, topological field theories,SPS-SMC, SPS-NA36, polarized lepton physics оформить каско www.alfaic.ua, heavy-ion physics, detector development.

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