Roustabout Energy – ProOne Drilling Mud Additive an International Game Changer!


This downhole lubrication’s field-proven success is redefining how wide-ranging drilling challenges, which had no satisfactory solutions previously, are now being conquered. Designed to reduce the most extreme heat and friction, the lubricant’s film strength is 50 times that of conventional lubricants. Equally important, with a strong ionic (+) charge it bonds to metal under the most adverse downhole conditions and actually migrates toward (instead of away from) exceptionally high heat/pressure.

“From the day that this technology was first used downhole, even those operators who were only ‘willing to give it a try’ were astonished by the results,” says Don Barnes, ProOne executive vice president. “That’s because the list of drilling challenges it solves is so long and the cost savings are so high per well, up to $1 million by helping free stuck pipe, minimizing twist-off risk or finishing a well.”

In broad perspective, major benefits of this innovative additive include extending equipment life by substantial wear reduction and lowering maintenance costs by optimizing drilling equipment’s efficiency, preventing costly corrosion by displacing moisture and playing a key role in preventing expensive downtime. With its greater lubricity and unprecedented 70% friction reduction, it enhances the durability of the mud equipment and the drill bit itself.

“At drill sites, the most dramatic reactions have come from operators seeing how XPL+ changes the entire drilling equation, from spud to TD,” says Mark Holland, ProOne’s vice president of sales, North America. “Field-proven examples are everywhere, including a major operator in Texas realizing a gross savings of $300,000 through reduced torque, increased ROP, reduced drill curve time, using fewer drill bits and eliminating excess trip outs. In this case, savings on the unnecessary trip outs alone totaled $120,000.”

Field reports show how other operators have built on that driller’s successful experience with XPL+ to now include sliding liner and setting casing faster, achieving a straighter vertical with less corkscrewing, greatly reducing hook load, and maintaining weight on bit (WOB) while reducing torque up to 50%. On the 600 wells, this new lubricant technology has also solved the challenge of spiraled holes, top drive overheating, deviated wells, chopped holes and doglegs.

Beyond unique downhole performance, ProOne’s lubricant technology addresses one other timely issue, the environment, by ensuring that this bio-stable downhole drilling treatment is completely biodegradable while being 100% non-toxic when utilized offshore.

Concludes ProOne’s Barnes: “When reports started coming in from operators that they had never seen a downhole drilling solution like this before, we knew it was real game-changer for any drill site worldwide.”

Energy International Article ProOne 12.24.14

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