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Virtually eliminating friction, which typically causes every major problem in downhole drilling systems, is what the revolutionary XPL+ lubricant does. Results from 700-plus field-proven wells in North America have convinced operators tor permanently change to this drilling mud additive.

Developed and marketed by ProOne LLC, with dual USA Headquarters in Houston, Texas, and Orange County, California, the company’s R&D engineered the product around the leading edge science: reversing lubricant’s typical avoidance reaction to heat. In direct contrast, XPL+ embodies a positively charged molecular structure which lets it bond to absolutely any metal downhole despite extreme heat and pressure. Not only does that also deliver extreme pressure protection, it also translates into an unheard of fifty times conventional film strength.

National Oilwell Varco’s well-known spin-off DistributionNOW sells XPL+ at 38 locations (including Scandinavia) internationally. Tested and proven in widely recognized laboratories, XPL+ has quickly become known as the ultimate game-changer at drill sites. On mud bills, customers routinely save 50% when drilling onshore. A Permian Basin customer switched from spending USD 350,000 per well with oil-based (OBM) to a water-based mud (WBM) bill averaging USD 175,000 using XPL+. Other savings include, at the “low” end on a per-well basis,companies spending up to USD 100,000 less on such equipment as mud motors and drill bits experience considerably less wear. By reducing the number of costly and often excessively expensive trips of generating higher Rate of Penetration (ROP), they realize savings of up to USD 500,000. And operators even save at the rarefied level of between USD 500,000 and USD 1 million through freeing stuck pipe, helping aver hole collapse and substantially reducing twist-off risk.

Equally important as savings are the lubricant-driven drilling solutions. Actual case studies document key challenges solved by XPL+ including 20-50% torque and drag reduction; difficulties with deviated wells long horizontals: chopped and spiraled holes; short drill bit life and top drive overheating, in addition to enabling higher ROP,freeing stuck pipe and extending equipment lifecycles. Lengthy capabilities also include allowing straighter verticals, maintaining weight on bit (WOB), drilling curve in 50% the normal time and being able to set casing faster.

Topping off its remarkable drilling attributes is significant environmental extra. This “green” lubricant is 100% biodegrading by 83% in the first 321 Days alone and is 100% non-toxic to marine life.

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Scandinavian Oil & Gas Article

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